Pet Tracker

UP! 93.1 knows how terrifying it is to lose your pets, which is why we’ve set up Pet Tracker.  

Simply send us a picture, your contact number/email, and all the details to
We’ll post the info on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as here on our Pet Tracker page.  
Be sure to let us know when your pet has been found so we can update the posts.
Helping to reunite our furry friends with their families.  Pet Tracker is sponsored by Global Pet Foods…with locations on the north and southside…and UP! 93.1
January 24, 2017
Aqua has been missing since this morning. She's 11 years old. Black and white. Very fluffy. She has a collar with a purple bell. She's a strictly indoor cat. Tends to be very vocal when she has got out in the past. Located on the corner of Brett Jonathan Dr and Brandon St off of the Wilsey Rd in Rusagonis. Please contact Amanda/Destiny at 5064576228.
December 6, 2016
Dog found on Brookside Drive. Contact 470-4204 for more info.
December 4, 2016
Cuddles escaped Friday in the Northbrook subdivision off Brookside Drive. She is two years old, mulicoloured with medium hair and is long and skinny. She is an indoor cat, so she was not wearing a collar. A six-year-old girl is heartbroken that her best friend is missing. If found, please call 440-2607 (or contact the SPCA, because Cuddles is micro-chipped)
December 4, 2016
Jessie jumped the fence in his yard yesterday on Broad Road in Geary. He's 3 years old and is micro-chipped. He's usually friendly but territorial with his food. If found, please call 506-357-9865 or 506-471-0784
December 1, 2016
Discord went missing from the Applewood Acres area in New Maryland on Nov. 25th. If found, please contact Tanya at 999-3104.

November 28, 2016

 They both left their yard on Kingsley at approximately 8am on Saturday morning (Nov 27th) and haven't been seen since. They are both a shepherd mix. The male is Kimble, he is wearing a beige collar with an orange rabies tag. The female is Lil Bit, she is wearing a pink and green collar with no tag. They are both fixed and friendly. Please call Shelly if seen or found 262-0167 or 471-1186.
These guys have been found! Thanks to everyone for spreading the word. 


November 21, 2016

 Have you seen Rico? He's wearing a blue and brown collar. If you spot him, please call his owner at 259-3715.


November 4, 2016

FOUND CAT. This big, very friendly kitty has been hanging out at my house on Hollybrook St in Marysville for the past few days.  Seems lost and hungry.  Has food, water and shelter, but would love to get him/her back home. Contact Trish at 506-474-3680.

October 24, 2016

This little one was found wandering the SUB building at UNB on October 22nd, around 11:30 PM. She is black with a tiny streak of white down her chest and tummy. She is not chipped and doesn't appear to be fixed. Roughly 6 months old, but definitely younger than a year. If this is your cat, contact Amy 506.261.6560


October 13, 2016

He was found around the Tannery and followed a gentleman all the way home and up the stairs to his apartment. He has no tags, is a giant cuddlebug, and is clearly lost. He's got a nice warm home and some food right now, but I'm sure he misses his family, and his family must miss him too! Please contact Anthony 471-2055 or Nic 238-4466.

October 13, 2016

Last seen Saturday evening October 8th, in Centennial Heights, New Maryland. She is all white with small black hairs on the top of her head, responds to the name Luna. If found please call 455 2295 or text 292 8855.

October 12, 2016

Kali is missing in the Nashwaaksis area. If found, please contact Suzanne Archibald 440-6111.

October 11, 2016

CAT FOUND in the Tamarack Trailer Park in Lincoln. Female, wearing a red collar. If you know the owner, pleae call 440-6729


October 4, 2016

Morgan is missing from Hanwell Road. She is a 3-year-old female tabby with green eyes. She is usually an outdoor cat but comes home every night. She hasn't been home since Sunday. If found, please call 261-6997 or 261-0853.



September 30, 2016

 This kitten was found at St. Thomas University. If you know who the owner is, please call (506) 452-0606 


September 26.2016 

       We recently moved to Brookside West and my tabby cat wandered away from the house last night.  She did not return last night or this morning.  She has never been outside all night.  She is friendly, but could be scared and afraid to be approached.   She has a pink collar with a nametag and phone number.  Her name is Scrappy.  If found please contact me at 472-6612 or 476-0480




September 22. 2016

       Lost: Female, short haired, black cat (spayed & vaccinated). Last seen in Marysville, near the old mill and Crosspoint Church. Her name is 'Small', she is skittish, but very friendly and she is quite small at around 7lbs. Please contact Lisa (or the SPCA) if you find a cat matching this description. 506-259-0666 (text or call). Thank you for any help, she's been missing since Monday, September 5. There has been possible sightings near Doone St. and NB power
September 21, 2016
Missing cat named Yoda is a male, neutered cat that was last seen September 13 on Evans Dr, Oromocto. He has a black face with a white hourglass between his eyes running to the top of his nose and half of a white moustache. He looks like he's wearing black gloves with white finger tips on his front paws. He is wearing a black collar with glass jewels decorated on it. Dangling from his collar is a black circular tag with a silver paw on it, and his name and our phone number is engraved on the back. He's very friendly, affectionate, and has a soft meow. Please contact Mandi Alexander at 357-6030.
September 12, 2016
Missing from the Parkside Drive/Thompson Ball Field Area. This is Bobo, he is a large sized orange tabby with piercing green eyes. He is an indoor only cat so he is not wearing a collar. He is micro-chipped. He is very friendly but probably very scared. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts you can reach me (Emma) by phone at 476-4232 or Shaylyn at 902-214-0089!
September 7, 2016
Lost off Brookside Drive on Briar Brook Place near Rose Court. Last seen on Cherry Avenue between Vineland Street and Elmhurst Street. His name is Harley and he is very shy and will not come to you. He has very distinctive markings with deep blue eyes. If you seen him, please contact Cynthia at 440-7063.