Kevin Becker

Born in Winnipeg, but I’ve moved 21 times in 6 Provinces including the big move to Fredericton.

I am the “Paul Stanley” in IKONS TRIBUTE TO KISS. (Google it)

I have 3 fears. Mice, Clowns and Twins. (Maybe that counts as 4 fears)

I have two young sons and one of those wife ladies.

The furthest I’ve traveled is to Liverpool, England on my Beatles pilgrimage. I have yet to taste a better beer than their local “Cain’s”. I liked it so much I had 11 pints. (I was told)

I know I’m Canadian, but I’m pretty sure I am British.

I spent the past two winters locked in a hockey rink watching kids. (That would be stranger if they weren’t my kids)

I only read Biographies. (Ain’t got no time for fiction)

I am silly for seafood.

My first car was a Suzuki Samurai and every other vehicle since, has been a dud.

I have 8 guitars and no, that’s nowhere near enough.

Anthony Bourdain is a TV genius.

I don’t get the band Sublime, but I’m sure they are great guys.

I stopped drinking Scotch because I turned into such a “Brand Snob” I wanted to kick my own butt.

I just got a smoker, but have yet to master it.

I miss my dad.

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