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  • Slick & Tired

    Slick & Tired

    Win a Brand New Set of Tires Courtesy of Wonder Auto & Tire!

  • Frex Rod 2017

    Frex Rod 2017

    Win tickets to Frex Rod 2017 on The Wake UP! Show with Dave!

  • We're Hiring!

    We're Hiring!

    If you're looking to have the most exciting summer job of your life - this is for you!

  • Ate Track

    Ate Track

    Guess which song is being played by the dirtiest boombox in the Maritimes before the tape gets eaten for your chance to win!

  • Minute Impossible

    Minute Impossible

    Answer all ten questions correctly within one minute and win the entire pot! Do you have what it takes to complete Minute Impossible?

  • Summit Dodge Coffee Breaks

    Summit Dodge Coffee Breaks

    Join our UP @ Work database for your chance to win your office a free Coffee Break courtesy UP! 93.1 and Summit Dodge!

  • Up! @ Work

    Up! @ Work

    Listen to UP! 93.1 at work? Let us know and we could reward you and your co-workers for listening to Fredericton's Feel Good Station!

  • Pet Tracker

    Pet Tracker

    Lost your pet? Here's how we can help...thanks to Global Pet Foods in Fredericton.

  • No Repeat Workdays

    No Repeat Workdays

    Listen to UP! 93.1 during your workday and if you hear the same song twice - you'll get $1000!

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