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  • School Supplies for Our Little Girls and Guys

    School Supplies for Our Little Girls and Guys

    Up 93.1 knows sending your kids back to school can be expensive for many families. We also know Frederictonians love to help their neighbours. We've got all the details on our upcoming school supply d...

  • Ate Track

    Ate Track

    Guess which song is being played by the dirtiest boombox in the Maritimes before the tape gets eaten for your chance to win!

  • Up! @ Work

    Up! @ Work

    Listen to UP! 93.1 at work? Let us know and we could reward you and your co-workers for listening to Fredericton's Feel Good Station!

  • Minute Impossible

    Minute Impossible

    Answer all ten questions correctly within one minute and win the entire pot! Do you have what it takes to complete Minute Impossible?

  • Summit Dodge Coffee Breaks

    Summit Dodge Coffee Breaks

    Join our UP @ Work database for your chance to win your office a free Coffee Break courtesy UP! 93.1 and Summit Dodge!

  • Pet Tracker

    Pet Tracker

    Lost your pet? Here's how we can help...thanks to Global Pet Foods in Fredericton.

  • No Repeat Workdays

    No Repeat Workdays

    Listen to UP! 93.1 during your workday and if you hear the same song twice - you'll get $1000!

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